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Collapsing (originally in Hell Gate Review)

Discussion: Women & Modern Poetry

*Learning Tagalog in Arabia

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Education and Teaching Schools in the US 美国教育及师范类学校申请

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*Older, but still relevant


Best Practices in International Education Award for International Programing-First Year Dialogue, Samantha Neugebauer; NASPA International Education Knowledge Community

This award recognizes the top international program to advance awareness and global perspective in college students through campus-based initiatives, projects, and conglomerates, all sponsored by student affairs organizations. The Best Practices in International Education Award seeks to recognize domestic and international colleagues and institutions for exceptional work related to international higher education. This award will be presented at the annual NASPA Annual Conference International Symposium in Austin, Texas, USA, in March 2016.

1st Place– Abu Dhabi Time Out Magazine International Poetry Competition 2015

New York Women in Communications $10,000 USD Carlozzi Family Fiction Award, 2008