Some online things from fall 2018-2019


Shitty Science Experience

Tell Her It’s Her Fault

Of Men & Beasts


Khasab, Oman

We Take What We’re Given

Travelers & Artists

Fridha Kahlo: Making Herself an Exhibit

Japanese Connections at the Louvre Abu Dhabi

Everyone Wants a Working Class Origin Story Without having a Working Class Origin Story


out of (the) blue

a history of pet monkeys with camille alaphilippe

The Venetian Princess of Dubai

the zagros

stuart highway

the pyrenées

i want to wear a qipáo too

workshop in an abu dhabi library


The Hinge (audio)

Flamingo Lake

Moving/Singing Through the Lands of Men Honorable Mention in Glimmer Train‘s Fiction Open Winter 2019/top 10% of the entries in this Fiction Open

Some older online things 

Collapsing (originally in Hell Gate Review)/ Audio version

*Learning Tagalog in Arabia

*Capitalizations not representative of original print publication

Tuck Magazine

Poems about Samantha

Friends who write poems to friends


Education and Teaching Schools in the US 美国教育及师范类学校申请

Chicago Tribune Reader of the Week

Gulf News Education


Recent International Awards

2nd Place Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) Creativity Award in Literature, 2019 for Samantha’s short story “Transit عبر الحياة”, which was co-written with poet Amna Alharmoodi.

Best Practices in International Education Award for International Programing, 2016-First Year Dialogue, Samantha Neugebauer; NASPA International Education Knowledge Community

This award recognizes the top international program to advance awareness and global perspective in college students through campus-based initiatives, projects, and conglomerates, all sponsored by student affairs organizations. The Best Practices in International Education Award seeks to recognize domestic and international colleagues and institutions for exceptional work related to international higher education. This award will be presented at the annual NASPA Annual Conference International Symposium in Austin, Texas, USA, in March 2016.

1st Place– Abu Dhabi Time Out Magazine International Poetry Competition 2015

New York Women in Communications $10,000 USD Carlozzi Family Fiction Award, 2008


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