100 short stories:: story 81

story:Β Is Laughter Contagious?Β 

author: Joyce Carol Oates

year: 1992

where: kitchen table, fingers stained red from Spanish cherries

note: meeting JCO is three weeks!

a line: β€œNor have we streets, in the old sense of that word– we have “lanes,” we have “drives,” we have “passes,” “circles,” “courts,” even “ways,” but we do not have “streets.””

100 short stories:: story 79

story:Β The Fireman

author: Rick Bass

year: 2001

where: bedroom, clean sheets, mopped floors

note: makes me want to reread my favorite Rick Bass story

a line: β€œThe way light bulbs melt and lean or point toward a fire’s origin– the gases in incandescent bulbs seeking, sensing that heat, so that you can often use them to tell where a fire started, the direction in which the light bulbs first begin to lean.”