100 short stories:: story 89

story:Β Kino

author: Haruki Murakami

year: 2017

where: in and around Saratoga

note: the tell-tale heart taps

a line: β€œAll he could do was trust in the birds, in all the birds, with their wings and beaks.”


100 short stories:: story 88

story:Β Risk Management

author: Alix Ohlin

year: 2017

where: skidmore college library, thunderstorms everywhere

note: from Kenyon ReviewΒ 

a line: β€œYou could see them congratulating themselves for hiring her every time they walked past the desk, where Little would be typing with blistering efficiencyβ€”she had those gel nails, and every week a different work of art was splayed across her hands, fireworks or hearts or skulls for Halloweenβ€”and simultaneously scheduling an appointment on the phone.”

100 short stories:: story 87

story:Β For the God of Love, for the Love of God

author: Lauren Groff

year: 2016

where: amsterdam, cheese shop

note: this story has a strange strange little boy, or maybe I’m just not inside the heads of little boys enough

a line: β€œSchool was so gray and useless compared to what waited for her in Paris; her life on hold in that hot place where she’d lived out her terrible childhood.”

100 short stories:: story 86

story:Β Sail

author: Tash Aw

year: 2011

where: taxi, Al Falah Street

note: long short story, set in Hong Kong by my favorite Malaysian writer

a line: β€œShe knew it sounded stupid but she loved the feeling of being between places, of being nowhere. It made her feel she could go anywhere; anytime she wanted, on her own. She would never be pinned down; she would always be her own woman, never dependent on anyone.”