400 short stories: story 317

story: “The Ice Wagon Going Down the Street” author: Mavis Gallant year: 1963 where: Burj al Salam, Dubai note: reread a line: “Snow, which he tasted, melted on her hands. His gesture of licking snow from her hands was formal as a handshake.” theme(s): Self-delusion, expatriate life, storytelling, loyalty

400 short stories: story 316

story: “My Wife is a White Russian” author: Rose Tremain year: 1983 where: nail salon note: I've been deep in Ferrante land and not reading as many short stories. a line: “To the nurse I tried to say when I felt a movement begin: 'Teach me how to wipe my arse. I cannot let my wife …

400 short stories: story 315

story: “Legends of the White Lady” author: Mia Alvar year: 2011 where: home sweet home note: Utterly absorbing--would say more, but rushing! a line: “'I've never had to leave my country to find work," he said, 'but thanks.'” theme(s): Nationality, migration, beauty, age,

400 short stories: story 314

story: “The Miracle Worker” author: Mia Alvar year: 2011 where: with the boys note: the spray bottle finale stunned me a line: “Minnie turned to look toward the parking lot. 'I was eighteen when I came here. I'm forty now. I've never done anything but clean rich Arabs' houses." theme(s): Disability, class, ethics