100 days 100 short stories:: story twelve

story: Some of the Lies I Tell My Children   author: Ruth Joffre year: 2016 where: kitchen table, black tea and Christmas cake, sleeves still wet from cleaning dishes note: a sleepy Saturday of reading, writing, and walking a line: “Michael must know I’m pregnant by now—even baby Jean, just one and a half, has noted …

100 days 100 short stories:: story eleven

story: At the Round Earth's Imagined Corners  author: Lauren Groff year: 2014 where: in bed, engulfed in white blankets note: a reread a line: “He couldn't bear the density or the lateness of her love.”

100 days 100 short stories:: story ten

story: Friends  author: Grace Paley year: 1980 where: dining hall, little black booth note: thinking of three birds, creatures talking together, all the women I've ever known, in threes, at kitchen tables a line: “The reason is, we want her to be present when we’re dying.”

100 days 100 short stories:: story nine

story: Pounds, Ounces, Meat author: Zhu Wen year: 2007 where: office desk, 9:20am, before the clock officially begins note: writer mentions his own book in the story! a line: “Never one to be pushed around, my girlfriend got right on, using her voice box exactly as God had intended.”