100 short stories:: story 95

story: Girl

author: Jamaica Kincaid

year: 1978

where: Abu Dhabi Airport, aboard to Muscat

note: domestic arts as the acme of womanhood

a line: “…this is how you sweep a corner; this is how you sweep a whole house; this is how you sweep a yard; this is how you smile to someone you don’t like very much…”


100 short stories:: story 94

story: A Woman on a Roof

author: Doris Lessing

year: 1963

where: home, with the new kitten on the table in front of me

note: the cruelty of a woman’s indifference to men…particularly the kind who bark at her. 1960s or…and…today!

a line: “His sun-heated face was screwed into a rage as he whistled again and again, trying to make her look up.”

100 short stories:: story 93

story: Storm Windows

author: Charles Haverty

year: 2015

where: around town

note: deals with the big D

a line: “Now and again, with a swish of silk, she’d step away from the breakfast room table to stare down the telephone on the kitchen wall, returning silent and stricken, her eyes fixed on the back of his chair.”

100 short stories:: story 92

story: Daisy Miller

author: Henry James

year: 1878

where: in bed, over the covers

note: technically a novella…but I have read longer “short stories” too

a line: “’He accounts for it by his handsome face, and thinks Miss Miller a young lady qui se passe ses fantaisies!'”

100 short stories:: story 91

story: Dance in America

author: Lorrie Moore

year: 1994

where: bedroom, taxi, a couple places

note: homesick

a line: “’We have raccoons sometimes in our chimney,’ explains Simone.”