300 short stories:: story 185

story: “Dance in America”

author: Lorrie Moore

year: 1998

where: home, sleepy and dreamy

note: I am rereading…and searching for a quote I know is in the collection Birds of America…somewhere. Why did I not mark it?

a line: “I sit between the bulletin board and the window.”


300 short stories:: story 184

story: “Commerce and Residue”

author: Tim Fitts

year: 2017 (in Go Home and Cry for Yourselves)

where: mio ufficio

note: a great story for our age of cultural appropriation politics

a line: “Marcus slightly envied the fact that Pham had an automatic angle borne into her. She was part of the diaspora. Her father had spent time in re-education camps.”

300 short stories:: story 183

story: “The Bostons”

author: Carolyn Cooke

year: 2001

where: home sweet home

note: The descriptions of the wife’s hair were a highlight. I can’t help feeling like I missed something in this story.

a line: “She was always, in his recollections of her, eating something crumbly, or else she was running it off, or just coming in from a run, standing in the kitchen eating a muffin, damp-looking in shorts and a torn t-shirt, her legs an alarming shade of red.

300 short stories:: story 181

story: “The Blue Tree”

author: Rick Bass

year: 2014-ish

where: sofa and sleepy

note: This story encapsulates the impermanence of things, things like youth, places, and moments, but also–the pleasure of reading a short story. I’m reading and rereading Rick Bass this week while pondering the destruction of Joshua Tree National Park and other parks throughout the US, caused by human hubris and malice.

a line: “He savors it, knowing it won’t always be this way. But it is now. More so than he could ever have imagined.”

300 short stories:: story 179

story: “Meals for Mourners/兄弟”

author: K Ming Chang

year: 2019

where: around the house

note: from the Nashville Review 

a line: “She wears her scarves even in the shower: checkered wool ones, polka-dotted cotton ones, infinity scarves in colors that scratch at your eyes, yellow and green and pink. Mama always says the best way to hide something is to draw attention to it.