Jamel Brinkley “Comfort” | Short Story #342

story: “Comfort” author: Jamel Brinkley year: 2020, Ploughshares where: Quarantine, Duja Tower, Dubai note: Today, I ventured to the gym for the first time in months. I booked an appointment and I had the 52nd floor all to myself with a view of Rashid Tower, the first skyscraper in the UAE. a line: “Other than … Continue reading Jamel Brinkley “Comfort” | Short Story #342


300 short stories: story 271

story: “In the Shadow of Man” author: Bell Boggs year: 2018 where: Al Reem Island, babycakes note: So many great observations about liberals and charter schools, but instead of being funny like one might expect, the observations are rather alarming and sometimes harmful. a line:  “Maybe Todd and Lori were having issues like that—Lori a programmer, … Continue reading 300 short stories: story 271

300 short stories:: story 221

story: “Foil” author: Anne de Marcken year: 2018 where: "Due-bay" note: This is the 2018 winning short story of Ploughshares Emerging Writer's Contest. a line: “The man sitting next to me glances at my ring and says nothing for twenty-two hours. The ring fools me too, and I enjoy a feeling of privileged contentment. One who belongs … Continue reading 300 short stories:: story 221