Edith Wharton “Roman Fever” | Short Story #331

https://youtu.be/70ChA2ywhlM Dear Reader, For the beginning of this new year, I have decided to try something new. I will be creating short story video reviews in addition to my regular reviews on my website. In December 2016, I began keeping a record of the short stories I read and my affection for the genre has …

400 short stories: story 327

story: “The Husband Stitch” author: Carmen Maria Machado year: 2017 where: gold sofa note: Feelings on Occam’s razor? craft note: There are stage directions throughout the story. a line: “Afterward, everyone believed that she had wanted to die, even though she had died proving she wanted to live.” extra line: "As a grown woman, I …

400 short stories: story 326

story: “The Veldt” author: Ray Bradbury year: 1950 where: mio ufficio note: The children's names are Wendy and Peter. a line: “Then suddenly they realized why those other screams had sounded familiar.” theme(s): technology, death, parenting,

400 short stories: story 324

story: “Sugar Boots” author: Lorraine M. López year: 2009 where: Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok note: Catching-up on my records! a line: “As he bathes three-year-old Beau, Leo Garza thinks about murder.” theme(s): Abuse, murder, care-taking, grandparents

400 short stories: story 319

story: “A Visit of Charity” author: Eudora Welty year: 1963 where: Burj al Salam, Dubai note: Great introduction from Ann Patchett to Welty's The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty. a line: “Did you come to be our little girl for a while?' the first robber asked.” theme(s): Old Age, Old women, Charity, health