300 short stories:: story 134

story: Joan of Arc Sits Naked in Her Dorm Room

author: Rachel Engelman

year: 2018

where: Abu Dhabi, airport apron, sitting inside one of those bulging A380-800s.

note: author is a current UT Austin/Michener MFA student

a line: “He is very politic and always asks Joan about her classes, or the book she is reading, or the fish she keeps in a wine decanter.”


300 short stories:: story 122

story: The Sirens
author: Maria Dermoût
year: 1963
where: Above the Prada store, South Amsterdam
note: Wow, what an amazing protagonist and fairytale-like story. A dream.
a line: “The woman did not buy the proa because she loved the sea. She did not love the sea. She was afraid of the sea.”

300 short stories:: story 121

story: Young Titans
author: Nescio
year: 1915
where: Amsterdam
note: reminds me of Kerouac
a line: “It was a strange time. And when I think about it, I realize that that time must still be happening now, it will last as long as there are young men of nineteen or twenty running around. It’s only for us that the time is long since past.”

100 days 100 short stories:: story 51

story:The Best Girlfriend You Never Had

author: Pam Houston

year: 1999

where: home, wooden kitchen table

note: such long sentences

a line: “I pointed myself west down the endless two lanes of Highway 50 — The Loneliest Road in America say the signs that rise out of the desert on either side of it — all the way across Utah and Nevada to this white shining city on the bay.”