300 short stories:: story 215

story: “Taking Care”

author: Joy Williams

year: 1972

where: NYUAD Library

note: POV is so interesting in this story; I like how Williams keeps us locked onto the character Jonas, but then flies over to his daughter in Mexico or into the future.

a line: “She is going to Mexico, where soon, in the mountains, she will have a nervous breakdown. Jones does not know this, but his daughter has seen it in the stars and is going out to meet it.’”

theme(s): Afterlife, Anagogy, Family


300 short stories:: story 211 & 212 & 213

story: “The Lonesome Bodybuilder” & “Q&A” & “Fitting Room”

author: Yukiko Motoya

year: 2018 (English translation)

where: Around Hiroshima

note:  “The Lonesome Bodybuilder” had a very different ending than I had expected, but “Fitting Room” was probably the most strange and enjoyable of the three, though they all have their own level of discomfort, of being a bit off-kilter.

a line: “I stood up and went to the window, and nervously struck a pose at him. Both arms up and bent by my head, chest out, emphasizing my V-taper. My husband looked incredulous as I posed in my bikini.’”

theme(s): loss of identity, lack of intimacy

300 short stories:: story 206

story: “Dramas”

author: Edna O’Brien

year: 1989

where: mio ufficio

note: from the Paris Review

a line: “When the new shopkeeper arrived in the village he aroused great curiosity along with some scorn. He was deemed refined because his fingernails looked as if they had been varnished a tinted ivory. “

300 short stories:: story 193-198

story: “New York Mining Disaster”, “Airplane: Or, How He Talked to Himself as If Reciting Poetry”, “A Perfect Day for Kangaroos”, “The Ice Man”, “The Rise and Fall of Sharpie Cakes”

author: Haruki Murakami

year: 2006 (from Blind Willow, Sleeping Willow)

where: everywhere!

note: a batch of stories (I’m behind on my chronicling)

a line: “’Even after I’d lost almost all sensation, I still knew this: The husband here at the South Pole is not the husband I used to know. I couldn’t say how he’d changed, exactly, for he still was always thoughtful, always had kind words for me.’”

300 short stories:: story 185

story: “Dance in America”

author: Lorrie Moore

year: 1998

where: home, sleepy and dreamy

note: I am rereading…and searching for a quote I know is in the collection Birds of America…somewhere. Why did I not mark it?

a line: “I sit between the bulletin board and the window.”