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Alice Munro “Carried Away” | Short Story #340

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2020 Short Stories

story: “Carried Away” author: Alice Munro year: 1991 where: Quarantine note: This story came to me by a mention from Lorrie Moore. It is such an elegant story, full of historic markers big and small. There’s something at the end (the conflation of men and memory) that reminds me of what did Susan Minot did in House of Women (also published in 1991!), though Munro’s way is more subtle. There’s also a mention of the […]

300 short stories: story 240

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2019 short stories

story: “House of Women” author: Susan Minot year: 1991 where: the gold sofa note: This story was brilliant not only for its evocative descriptions of coastal nature, but also because of its blatant realism about how women talking together can manage to “resurrect” our ex-boyfriends, lovers, and husbands. a line: “By the time the thunder had grown faint the lawn was crowded with them, scores of them, patiently gathered in front of our house.” theme(s): Women, friendship, […]