300 short stories: story 298

story: “Tancredi” author: Barbara Alberti (translated by Lawrence Venuti)/didn't have access to the Italian year: 1976 where: Al Reem note: Much like the form of Toni Morrison's Nobel Prize Speech, when asked to explain this story, Alberti, instead of answering straightforwardly, tells another story. a line:  “She nursed the baby with one mouth at each breast, and she … Continue reading 300 short stories: story 298


300 short stories: story 242

story: “The Falling Girl” author: Dino Buzzati year: 2018 where: Morning with coffee, kitchen table note: I read this story in English (Translated by Lawrence Venuti), but now I am on the hunt to read it in its original Italian. a line: “The beautiful people, then, were interested in her and that filled her with satisfaction. … Continue reading 300 short stories: story 242