Short Story Reviews

Joy Williams “Honored Guest”|Short Story #344

story: “Honored Guest” author: Joy Williams year: 2004 where: Philadelphia, the first day of Thanksgiving break note: As can be expected, I have been reading a lot of short stories since returning to school full-time this August. With repatriating, Covid, schoolwork, bouts of melancholia, missing traveling, city life, dates, and hunkering down, and....and....and... I have … Continue reading Joy Williams “Honored Guest”|Short Story #344


Jamel Brinkley “Comfort” | Short Story #342

story: “Comfort” author: Jamel Brinkley year: 2020, Ploughshares where: Quarantine, Duja Tower, Dubai note: Today, I ventured to the gym for the first time in months. I booked an appointment and I had the 52nd floor all to myself with a view of Rashid Tower, the first skyscraper in the UAE. a line: “Other than … Continue reading Jamel Brinkley “Comfort” | Short Story #342

Alice Munro “Night” | Short Story #341

story: “Night” author: Alice Munro year: 2012 from Dear Life  where: Quarantine note: This story made me think about what Zadie Smith said about the difference between the past and now, and how in the past, folks discussed things so much less. I really liked the brief rumination on psychiatry near the end. a line: … Continue reading Alice Munro “Night” | Short Story #341

Alice Munro “Carried Away” | Short Story #340

story: “Carried Away” author: Alice Munro year: 1991 where: Quarantine note: This story came to me by a mention from Lorrie Moore. It is such an elegant story, full of historic markers big and small. There's something at the end (the conflation of men and memory) that reminds me of what did Susan Minot did … Continue reading Alice Munro “Carried Away” | Short Story #340