400 short stories: story 330

story: “Wrong Object" author: Mona Simpson year: 2018 where: kitchen at the cottage in Haworth, West Yorkshire, England note: Read this story in response to an end-of-year post from A Just Recompense; I love this site's reading and short story analysis. I did not enjoy BASS 2018, so I never got around to BASS 2019 … Continue reading 400 short stories: story 330


300 short stories:: story 237

story: “Whose Heart I Long to Stop with the Click of a Revolver” author: River Solomon year: 2018 where: Al Reem Island note: Included in Best American Short Stories 2018  a line: “I want to tell her--know this: The world plays out as games of power, who has it, who doesn't.” theme(s): Mothers and daughters, transgender, intergenerational … Continue reading 300 short stories:: story 237

300 short stories:: story 158

story: What Terrible Thing It Was author: Esmé Weijun Wan year: 2017 (but read in 2018's Best American Short Stories) where:  home with Bowie note: I remember the morning I found out Trump won too. I was plant-sitting at a magical apartment in Al Ain Towers with my then-boyfriend, who woke me up to break the news. … Continue reading 300 short stories:: story 158