300 short stories:: story 139

story: A Love Story 

author: Samantha Hunt

year: 2017

where: bus from Saadiyat to the Abu Dhabi Central Post Office

note: I read this before, I realize…2/3rds of the way into it. It’s at the carrot stick I remember; the boy who wants a snack.

a line: “From one small body I made three new humans. I grew these complex beauties. I made their lungs and noses. It took everything I had to make them. Liver? Take it. Self-worth? It’s all yours. New people require natural resources and everyone knows you don’t get something for nothing. Why wouldn’t I be hollowed out? Who can’t understand this math?.”


300 short stories:: story 138

story: The Mausoleum 

author: Kristen Cosby

year: unsure

where: first time reading this writer

note: late-night Sydney

a line: “There were other skeletons on the shelf: clam shells and sea urchins, the dried carcass of a starfish, periwinkles, a giant lobster claw; a mouse‟s foot, the skull of a baby raccoon, a shard of deer antler; a shark‟s tooth and a flawless mackerel spine.”

300 short stories:: story 137

story: Displaced

author: Richard Ford

year: 2018

where: baby, it’s cold outside–white comfy bed, inside (winter in Australia)

note: a real solid story (of course, it’s Ford)…the best of The New Yorker in a long time

a line: “Something had disappointed her. Something transient or displaced in him. Something had been attractive to her about Niall in her fragile state, and been attractive to me, in my own rare state. But you couldn’t bank on what Niall was, which was the word my poor father used. That was what you looked for, he thought, in the people you wanted closest to you. People you could bank on.”

300 short stories:: story 136

story: A Husband Should Be Eaten and Not Heard 

author: Megan Giddings

year: 2018

where: Sydney, my Oaks Goldsbrough Apartment

note: from one of my favorite new literary magazines, Split Lip  

a line: “She could still imitate the bridge’s moans when the wind was twenty miles per hour from the southwest. It had become exhilarating to hear that much pleasure and not be jealous.”

300 short stories:: story 135

story: Are They Vampires, or Are They Just Chinese?

author: C Pam Zhang

year: 2017

where: airplane

note: from an interview about the story, Zhang said, “What’s creepy is my being haunted for years by the pressure to write a Sad Immigrant Story.”

a line: “We wear long driving gloves even when we don’t drive. And when we do: roof down, swinging over curbs, black hair flung back like silk, like bat wings, like flags snapping beware in language you’ll never understand.”

300 short stories:: story 133

story: American Dreams 

author: Peter Carey

year: 1974

where: airplane, somewhere over Europa

note: My first Peter Carey short story and the theme works in nicely with a non-fiction essay I have been working on, actually. Bingo!

a line: “On Bald Hill there are half a dozen telescopes through which the Americans can spy on the town and reassure themselves that it is the same down there as it is on Bald Hill.”

300 short stories:: story 132

story: Sun Dogs

author: Dorthe Nors

year: 2017

where: Abu Dhabi, Katie’s at the Mangroves

note: I realize I don’t know enough Danish writers, but I should. This story reminds me of my favorite stories of Rick Bass. This looks like a good starting point.

a line: “Later we also went out riding on her Fjord horses. She talked about the landscape, the kinds of tracks animals left, and how the winter we were entering would feel. We never spoke of Olav.”