300 short stories:: story 102

story:ย Uglypussย 

author:ย Margaretย Atwood (pre-The Handmaid’s Tale)

year: 1983

where: london, black coffee

note: this story is featured in the phenomenal collection, Bluebeard’s Egg. It also has an intriguing POV swap near the end.

aย line: โ€œTonight, she feels dingy, old. Soon she will start getting into the firming cream; she will start worrying about her eyelids. Beginning again is supposed to be exciting, a challenge. Beginning again is fine as an idea, but what with? She’d used it all up; she’s used up.โ€


300 short stories:: story 101

story:ย The Burglar’s Christmas

author:ย Willaย Cather (published under theย nom de plume Elizabeth L. Seymour)

year: 1896

where: philadelphia, living room on Christmas night

note: new year, new goal…200 short stories for 2018! The first story for the new year.

aย line: โ€œO, my poor boy, much or little, what does it matter? Have you wandered so far and paid such a bitter price for knowledge and not yet learned that love has nothing to do with pardon or forgiveness, that it only loves, and lovesโ€”and loves? They have not taught you well, the women of your world.โ€