300 short stories: story 263

story: “Bullet in the Brain”

author: Tobias Wolff

year: 1995

where: Aspen

note: Reread! Breathtaking.

a line:  “He did not remember Professor Josephs telling his class how Athenian prisoners in Sicily had been released if they could recite Aeschylus, and then reciting Aeschylus himself, right there, in the Greek.”

theme(s): Society, Memory, Death, Joy


300 short stories: story 261

story: “The Girl Who Did Not Know Fear”

author: Kelly Link

year: 2019

where: California Zephyr Train

note: From the last issue of Tin House

a line: “They don’t have sex shops in Quebec? After that, Martine went through this whole phrase.”

theme(s): Mothers and Daughters, Queer relationships, travel, fear

300 short stories: story 258 & 259

story: “The Starlight on Idaho” & “Strangler Bob”

author: Denis Johnson

year: 2018

where: Denver, Mile High City, cielo notturno

note: I learned about Antabuse.

a line: “When the Devil gets that last hook in your heart, then he starts yanking you town to town.”

theme(s): Addiction, mortality, criminality, society

300 short stories:: story 223

story: “Goodbye and Good Luck”

author: Grace Paley

year: 1959

where: taxi & home

note: This is one of Paley’s first three stories she ever wrote.

a line: “’I was popular in certain circles, says Aunt Rose.”

theme(s): Marriage, love, happiness, polyamory

300 short stories:: story 209

story: “Vampires in the Lemon Grove”

author: Karen Russell

year: 2012

where: Eat Greek, mid-afternoon

note: the collection’s title story

a line: “There is a loneliness that must be particular to monsters, I think, the feeling that each is the only child of a species. And now that loneliness was over.”

theme(s): marriage and longevity