300 short stories: story 243

story: “It’s Bad Luck to Die”

author: Elizabeth McCracken

year: 1993

where: Saadiyat Beach Club poolside with Big Gate

note: I really liked the complexity of the mother character in this story.

a line: “My life drove my mother crazy. All she wanted was for me to become mirculously blank. I broke her heart–that was my job. She let me know her heart was broken–that was hers.”

theme(s): Mothers and daughters, love, acceptance


300 short stories:: story 226

story: “Mercedes Kane”

author: Elizabeth McCracken

year: 1994

where:  客厅,大门

note: Always on the search for more stories about mothers and daughters.

a line: “She was sure she would’ve been great in her twenties, thirties, forever, if she had just been encouraged to greatness early on.”

theme(s): Mothers and daughters, genius, child prodigy, parenthood

300 short stories:: story 225

story: “The Bar of Our Recent Unhappiness”

author: Elizabeth McCracken

year: 1994

where: Saadiyat

note: This story made me think of a New Yorker article I read in winter 2018 about the ethics of keeping people alive who are brain dead via machines.

a line: “’You know how it is. You get resigned. God helps you through.’ ‘Yes,’ I said, though I thought no such thing. I’d never before heard him talk such trash.””

theme(s): Death, Brain damage, Friendship