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300 short stories:: story 193-198

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story: “New York Mining Disaster”, “Airplane: Or, How He Talked to Himself as If Reciting Poetry”, “A Perfect Day for Kangaroos”, “The Ice Man”, “The Rise and Fall of Sharpie Cakes” author: Haruki Murakami year: 2006 (from Blind Willow, Sleeping Willow) where: everywhere! note: a batch of stories (I’m behind on my chronicling) a line: “’Even after I’d lost almost all sensation, I still knew this: The husband here at the South Pole is not the husband I used to know. I […]

300 short stories:: story 187

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2019 short stories

story: “Five Questions for the Snake Charmer” author: C Pam Zhang year: 2019 where: read on my phone note: something short and not sweet a line: “Pinned under that false gold, he’ll look as much the good Chinese boy as I am the bad Chinese girl, the kind who makes a public spectacle out of alcoholism as if she’s white and blonde and carefree and doesn’t drag a whole race’s reputation behind her.”