300 short stories: story 284

story: “Indian Camp” author: Ernest Hemingway year: 1924 where: post-Flywheel, casa dolce casa note: For some summer fun, I've enrolled in Oates' MasterClass (I have many thoughts on these classes for another time) and this short story was part of an assignment. a line:  “'No, I don't have any anesthetic,' his father said. 'But her screams are not … Continue reading 300 short stories: story 284


100 short stories:: story 81

story: Is Laughter Contagious?  author: Joyce Carol Oates year: 1992 where: kitchen table, fingers stained red from Spanish cherries note: meeting JCO is three weeks! a line: “Nor have we streets, in the old sense of that word-- we have "lanes," we have "drives," we have "passes," "circles," "courts," even "ways," but we do not have … Continue reading 100 short stories:: story 81