300 short stories:: story 185

story: “Dance in America” author: Lorrie Moore year: 1998 where: home, sleepy and dreamy note: I am rereading...and searching for a quote I know is in the collection Birds of America...somewhere. Why did I not mark it? a line: “I sit between the bulletin board and the window.”


300 short stories:: story 182

story: “Men Without Women” author: Haruki Murakami year: 2017 where: golden chaise note: I haven't picked up this collection since summer 2017. a line: “I already know what it is to be the second-loneliest man on earth. But I still don't know what it is to be the loneliest. A deep gulf separates the second and the … Continue reading 300 short stories:: story 182

300 short stories:: story 181

story: “The Blue Tree” author: Rick Bass year: 2014-ish where: sofa and sleepy note: This story encapsulates the impermanence of things, things like youth, places, and moments, but also--the pleasure of reading a short story. I'm reading and rereading Rick Bass this week while pondering the destruction of Joshua Tree National Park and other parks … Continue reading 300 short stories:: story 181

300 short stories:: story 180

story: “Cream” author: Haruki Murakami year: 2019 where: in the bedroom note: There wasn't a cat. a line: “In my life, whenever an inexplicable, illogical, disturbing event takes place (I’m not saying that it happens often, but it has a few times), I always come back to that circle—the circle with many centers but no circumference."

300 short stories:: story 179

story: “Meals for Mourners/兄弟” author: K Ming Chang year: 2019 where: around the house note: from the Nashville Review  a line: “She wears her scarves even in the shower: checkered wool ones, polka-dotted cotton ones, infinity scarves in colors that scratch at your eyes, yellow and green and pink. Mama always says the best way to hide something … Continue reading 300 short stories:: story 179