300 short stories:: story 234

story: “Aquacero” author: Patricia Engel year: 2019 where: Dubai at Big Gate's, then at home note: This story was selected for the 2019 O. Henry Prize collection (first appeared in the Kenyon Review). a line: “'Survival requires different things of different people.' I don’t know where in me this came from. It was something I hadn’t even … Continue reading 300 short stories:: story 234


300 short stories:: story 206

story: “Dramas” author: Edna O'Brien year: 1989 where: mio ufficio note: from the Paris Review a line: “When the new shopkeeper arrived in the village he aroused great curiosity along with some scorn. He was deemed refined because his fingernails looked as if they had been varnished a tinted ivory. "

300 short stories:: story 199

story: “Ulrikke” author: Jorge Luis Borges year: 1975 where: home on the range note: I like chance meetings. a line: “The pronouncement was an attempt at wit, and I sensed this wasn’t the first time she’d voiced it. I later learned that it was not like her—but what we say is not always like us."