300 short stories:: story 202

story: “Willing”

author: Lorrie Moore

year: 1998

where: home cozy home

note: more rereading

a line: “’The last movie I saw. Let’s see.’ He was thinking, but she could tell he wasn’t good at it.”


300 short stories:: story 201

story: “Community Life”

author: Lorrie Moore

year: 1998

where: Starbucks in Boutik Mall

note: a favorite, I always come back to it

a line: “She missed her mother the most.”

300 short stories:: story 185

story: “Dance in America”

author: Lorrie Moore

year: 1998

where: home, sleepy and dreamy

note: I am rereading…and searching for a quote I know is in the collection Birds of America…somewhere. Why did I not mark it?

a line: “I sit between the bulletin board and the window.”

100 short stories:: story 91

story: Dance in America

author: Lorrie Moore

year: 1994

where: bedroom, taxi, a couple places

note: homesick

a line: “’We have raccoons sometimes in our chimney,’ explains Simone.”

100 short stories:: story 82

story: Community Life

author: Lorrie Moore

year: 1992

where: casa dolce casa

note: snood, the game

a line: “The bat, she could now see, was small and light-colored, its wings folded in like a packed tent– a mouse with backpacking equipment.”