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300 short stories: story 266

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2019 short stories

story: “Everyone Cried” author: Lydia Davis year: 2019 where: Our Tiny House in Oregon note: From the 2019 NYer online Flash Fiction series a line:  “After lunch, we usually felt better, and the office was filled with its normal hum and bustle, people carrying folders and walking briskly here and there, sudden bursts of laughter rising from cubicles.” theme(s): Work life, emotions, stress, routine

300 short stories: story 244

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story: “Eating Fish Alone” author: Lydia Davis year: 2014 where: Home, in bed note: In The New Yorker, Davis’ eyes have been described as “blue milk glass”…and this sentence could almost constitute the length of an average story by Davis. In truth, I’ve read several dozen of her stories this week, but they are so short, it feels unconscionable to list them all here individually. P.S. Thank you Isabella Simonetti for the book. a line: “‘Most people […]

300 short stories:: story 118

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2018 short stories

story: Fear  author: Lydia Davis  year:  1992 where: East Village, NYC  note:o“When Davis was younger, the obsessions of her narrators tended to be amorous; now they are philosophical.” –Dana Goodyear  a line: “Nearly every morning, a certain woman in our community comes running out of her house with her face white and her overcoat flapping wildly.”