300 short stories: story 254 & 255

story: “The Fifth Story” & "Happy Endings" author: Clarice Lispector & Margaret Atwood year: here and there 🙂 1950s & 1980s where: Abu Dhabi note: Putting these two together since their forms are similar. a line: “In the mouths of some of the cockroaches, there are traces of white powder. I am the first to observe the … Continue reading 300 short stories: story 254 & 255


300 short stories: story 247

story: “Fire Horse” author: Karen Shepard year: 2017 where: Home, in bed note: I love this story, though I hesitate to call it one story. It feels like two stories about the same characters. Margaret Atwood has two stories like that in Bluebeard's Egg, but she chose to split them into two titles and group … Continue reading 300 short stories: story 247

300 short stories:: story 208

story: “The Salt Garden” author: Margaret Atwood year: 1983 where: Dubai, Common Ground note: I adore this collection and find the protagonist Alma to be so layered. a line: “She can't remember ever having astonished any of her friends with tricks from the instruction book. Astonishing herself was enough.” theme(s): time

300 short stories:: story 204 & 205

story: Two Stories about Emma "The Whirlpool Rapids" & "Walking on Water" author: Margaret Atwood year: 1987 where: home note: In every story you hope to find an aha moment, and in these two connected tales, I found more than one; this was particularly true for the line below, where a man acted just like this towards … Continue reading 300 short stories:: story 204 & 205

300 short stories:: story 200

story: “Loulou; or, the Domestic Life of the Language” author: Margaret Atwood year: 1986 where: in the taxi, on the way to work note: If I ever login to Facebook, I see these advertisements for Atwood's online Masterclass and each time, it makes me want to read more of her fiction. a line: “'Loulou thinks to reify … Continue reading 300 short stories:: story 200