300 short stories:: story 239

story: “Breathe”

author: Rachel Heng

year: 2018

where: morning with coffee

note: I love trees! How simple, how true

a line: “But what if we are wrong? What if the hubris is justified, if this is indeed different from the lava and ice that we have faced before? What if this does not pass?”

theme(s): Nature, class warfare, politics


300 short stories:: story 235

story: “The Females Are Not Coming Back”

author: Rachel Heng

year: 2016

where: casa dolce casa

note: Anthropomorphism!

a line: “You may have heard that we are a monogamous species. It is probably one of the reasons for all the plush toys and animated films, along with the fact that we cannot y. You seem to see yourselves in us, though why you would want to, I cannot understand. We do not see ourselves in you.”

theme(s): Men and Women, Politics, Rumors, Sacrifice


300 short stories:: story 127

story: A Hundred and Twenty Muscles

author: Rachel Heng

year: 2017

where: Fiumicino Airport, Roma

note: from Huffpost‘s recommended short stories for National (USA) Short Story Month, May 2018

a line: “She felt sure that at any moment, a teacher or classmate would come out of hiding, fingers accusing, voices raising the alarm.”