300 short stories:: story 101

story: The Burglar’s Christmas

author: Willa Cather (published under the nom de plume Elizabeth L. Seymour)

year: 1896

where: philadelphia, living room on Christmas night

note: new year, new goal…200 short stories for 2018! The first story for the new year.

a line: “O, my poor boy, much or little, what does it matter? Have you wandered so far and paid such a bitter price for knowledge and not yet learned that love has nothing to do with pardon or forgiveness, that it only loves, and loves—and loves? They have not taught you well, the women of your world.”


100 days 100 short stories:: stories eighteen & nineteen & twenty

story: I Stand Here Ironing 

author: Tillie Olsen

year: 1957

where: Düsseldorf, Christmas travels

note: delayed posts due to these travels, Internet, mountains

a line: “She was not glib or quick in a world where glibness and quickness were easily confused with ability to learn.”

story: What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank  

author: Nathan Englander

year: 2012

where: German Starbucks, last Americano for a couple weeks

note: Hanukkah!

a line: “He’s sitting in the locker room, trying to pull a sock on, which is, at that age, basically the whole workout in itself.”

story: Lawns

author: Mona Simpson

year: 1986

where: Gothic Line

note: Christmas reread, a favorite

a line: “So, my dad’s got the Bridal Suite.”