400 short stories: story 318

story: “The Weeping Child” author: Jane Gardam year: 1963 where: Burj al Salam, Dubai note: I just ordered her collection. I love the ending of this story, because it doesn't follow the conventional rules of short stories. "A ghost of somebody who is still alive"--amazing! a line: “I saw only the housekeeper who was a slut and … Continue reading 400 short stories: story 318


400 short stories: story 317

story: “The Ice Wagon Going Down the Street” author: Mavis Gallant year: 1963 where: Burj al Salam, Dubai note: reread a line: “Snow, which he tasted, melted on her hands. His gesture of licking snow from her hands was formal as a handshake.” theme(s): Self-delusion, expatriate life, storytelling, loyalty

400 short stories: story 307

story: “The Leopard” author: Anthony Marra year: 2015 where: A bed on the 33rd floor. note: There's a description near the end where the narrator, Roman, considers all the folks responsible for erasing people, and it makes me think of the book Ordinary Men. a line: "It takes nothing less than the whole might of the state … Continue reading 400 short stories: story 307

400 short stories: story 306

story: “Meat” author: Leah Hampton year: 2019 where: Dubai note: I love how Alison and the sow are both survivors (somewhat). a line: “Hogs are just flesh, and they had indeed cooked, alive in the fire, through the night. As they approached, the scent of smoke and carnage made a wall Alison could almost lean into.” theme(s): … Continue reading 400 short stories: story 306

400 short stories: story 301

story: “A Good Man is Hard to Find” author: Flannery O'Connor year: 1953 where: Sum of Us note: I read this story real slow today, drinking lemon ice tea. Maybe the slowest I ever read it, and in this slowness, it felt more violent than ever. a line:  “Behind them the line of woods gaped like a … Continue reading 400 short stories: story 301