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300 short stories:: story 124

2018 short stories

story: Ghosts and Empties  author: Lauren Groff year: 2018 where: Paris, 11th arrondissement note: Wow, Groff has written a story about women walking, and joined the ranks of this great tradition of literature. Groff has some stories I really like–“At the Round Earth’s Imagined Corners”–and others I could leave; this is one to take, though all her work feels so autobiographical these days, which is harmless, perhaps. a line: “It’s too much, it’s too much, I shout at […]

100 short stories:: story 87

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100 days 100 short stories read day one

story: For the God of Love, for the Love of God author: Lauren Groff year: 2016 where: amsterdam, cheese shop note: this story has a strange strange little boy, or maybe I’m just not inside the heads of little boys enough a line: “School was so gray and useless compared to what waited for her in Paris; her life on hold in that hot place where she’d lived out her terrible childhood.”