300 short stories:: story 173

story: “The Paper Menagerie” author: Ken Liu year: 2011 where: Think Coffee...first short story of the new year. Hello, 2019! note: The first short story to win the Nebula, the Hugo and the World Fantasy Award a line: "The catalog said she was eighteen, loved to dance, and spoke good English because she was from Hong Kong. None of these facts … Continue reading 300 short stories:: story 173


300 short stories:: story 167

story: “The Entire Northern Side Was Covered with Fire” author: Rivka Galchen year: 2014 where: casa e lavoro note: this story is more an experience than a memory-maker a line: “The novel was a love story, between a bird and a whale. Why was I already low on money? Partially because money just flies, as they say, … Continue reading 300 short stories:: story 167

300 short stories:: story 162

story: "Here Comes the Sun" author: Yeo Wei Wei year: 2017 where: 我的办公室 note: Reminds me of Rachel Heng's "Vegetarian" from Prairie Schooner a line: “Before the mynah, other birds, insects and small animals visited the room. Butterflies, moths, dragonflies – they flitted in and out, resting on the bright pink curtains or on the rim of the … Continue reading 300 short stories:: story 162

300 short stories:: story 153

story: Cecilia Awakened  author: Tessa Hadley year: 2018 where:  il mio ufficio note: none a line: “Her mother, Cecilia’s grandmother, who was elegant and drank and had lovers, had remonstrated when Angela was younger: if only she’d move more gracefully, less jerkily, if only she’d try contact lenses and wear dresses instead of shirts and slacks. Angela had … Continue reading 300 short stories:: story 153