300 short stories: story 269

story: “The Shared Patio”

author: Miranda July

year: 2007

where: Reed College at Writer Jim Shepard’s Close Reading Craft Talk. An amazing experience!

note: I bought July’s book, No One Belongs Here More Than You, years ago at the cozy Barnes and Nobles on 6th Avenue in New York. That outpost has since closed. I remember the cover was bright yellow with bold black writing on the cover. It felt like the most New York book I had ever seen. I was intimidated to read it. I felt it was either too sophisticated for me at that stage in my life–alternatively, I wondered if it was fluff. Now, I know it was the former.

a line:  “It still counts, even though it happened when he was unconscious.”

theme(s): Unrequited love, self-help, delusions, loneliness


300 short stories:: story 173

story: “The Paper Menagerie”

author: Ken Liu

year: 2011

where: Think Coffee…first short story of the new year. Hello, 2019!

note: The first short story to win the Nebula, the Hugo and the World Fantasy Award

a line: “The catalog said she was eighteen, loved to dance, and spoke good English because she was from Hong Kong. None of these facts turned out to be true.”

300 short stories:: story 118

story: Fear 
author: Lydia Davis 
year:  1992
where: East Village, NYC 
note:o“When Davis was younger, the obsessions of her narrators tended to be amorous; now they are philosophical.” –Dana Goodyear 
a line: “Nearly every morning, a certain woman in our community comes running out of her house with her face white and her overcoat flapping wildly.”