300 short stories:: story 150

story: Big World

author: Mary Miller

year: 2009

where:  East Forum (S.S.R)

note:  qaW=-‘;;;;N   <-  My kitten Bowie walked on my keyboard.

a line: “Like my father, he sent me out into the big world all alone and I was going to show him how ugly it was.”


300 short stories:: story 149

story: Animal Bite

author: Mary Miller

year: 2009

where:  home sweet home

note: Big World is a tiny book; I’m not sure why, but I like it.

a line: “It was misleading, the idea that lack of pain equated happiness.”

300 short stories:: story 129

story: The 37

author: Mary Miller

year: 2016

where: Fiumicino Airport, Roma

note: thinking of my own call home some March ago ago ago… And wow, something about this protagonist reminds me of Muriel Spark! I’m hooked! Sunk!

a line: “I was in tears by the time I called my mother. I’ve been sitting on this hill for an hour, I said, over an hour, and I’m about to lose it.”