300 short stories:: story 137

story: Displaced

author: Richard Ford

year: 2018

where: baby, it’s cold outside–white comfy bed, inside (winter in Australia)

note: a real solid story (of course, it’s Ford)…the best of The New Yorker in a long time

a line: “Something had disappointed her. Something transient or displaced in him. Something had been attractive to her about Niall in her fragile state, and been attractive to me, in my own rare state. But you couldn’t bank on what Niall was, which was the word my poor father used. That was what you looked for, he thought, in the people you wanted closest to you. People you could bank on.”


100 days 100 short stories:: story eight

story: Communist

author: Richard Ford

year: 1986

where: taxi, lots of jerking

note: reminds me of those childhood moments we visit and visit again

a line: “Sixteen is young, but it can also be a grown man.”