300 short stories:: story 162

story: Love Machine author: Samantha Hunt year: 2017 where: home physically, but mentally with The Man Who Fell to Earth note: George Saunders, Ovid, and Dostoevsky would have a party in this story a line: “'Machines,' he continues, 'have one of only two choices. Either they are run by humans or else they run themselves. And the way …

300 short stories:: story 151

story: Three Days  author: Samantha Hunt year: 2006 where:  Saadiyat note: still waiting for The Seas a line: “Beatrice’s mother still works for Mythologic and now she firmly believes that all concepts are better communicated through specious retellings of ancient myths. Most of the time, Beatrice can’t see the connections.”

100 short stories:: story 78

story: A Love Story  author: Samantha Hunt year: 2017 where: #7 bus, Abu Dhabi note: reminds me of Lauren Groff, but more frayed a line: “It can be hard to tell with men, whether they are really here or not. Especially a man with a smartphone.”