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300 short stories:: story 125

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2018 short stories

story: Now More Than Ever  author: Zadie Smith year: 2018 where: Bologna, airport…delay delay delay note: this story mentions poké bowls, which I belatedly realized this June is a now a big deal in NYC…elsewhere too?  Also, I now know the plot of “A Place in the Sun”. a line: “I said, In our philosophy department at the university, we feel that, just as there are degrees of sin or error, there are degrees of sympathy. It’s not a zero-sum game, or it used not to be, in the past. Well, there’s your problem, Scout said. You’re two-faced, you’re looking the wrong way, and if you don’t watch out you’re going to find yourself beyond the pale.”

100 short stories:: story 100

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100 days 100 short stories read day one

story: The Lazy River author: Zadie Smith year: 2017 where: university campus note: I live somewhere that has its own “lazy river”, when did I expect this? I still prefer sometimes-grimy sometimes-lush Brooklyn. a line: “But once you have entered the Lazy River, with all its pliability and ease, its sterilizing chlorine and swift yet manageable currents, it is very hard to accept the sea: its abundant salt, its marine life, those little islands of twisted plastic.”