300 short stories:: story 158

story: What Terrible Thing It Was

author: Esmé Weijun Wan

year: 2017 (but read in 2018’s Best American Short Stories)

where:  home with Bowie

note: I remember the morning I found out Trump won too. I was plant-sitting at a magical apartment in Al Ain Towers with my then-boyfriend, who woke me up to break the news. We drank coffee on the biggest sofa and then, the parking lot at work was silent

a line: “In terms of depression, however, sadness is not so much my problem, in which case it might make most sense to choose I DO NOT FEEL SAD. Yet it is my belief that this could never be the right answer as long as I am alive.”


100 days 100 short stories:: story 44

story: The Tutor

author: Nell Freudenberger

year: 2003

where: kitchen table, dark at 6PM in Abu Dhabi

note: a reread, a favorite

a line: “He hated the idea of learning words from a list; it was like taking vitamin supplements in place of eating. ”