300 short stories:: story 191

story: “The Watch” author: Elie Wiesel year: 1964 where: NYU Abu Dhabi Library note: rereading to teach on Sunday a line: “The glorious masters of our municipality were jubilant: they were rid of us, there would be no more kaftans on the street.”

300 short stories:: story 104

story: Come Running author: Tim Raymond year: 2017 where: Al Reem, post-bath note: a Glimmer Train read a line: "It's like God took a big ice cream scoop and scooped out the place in my stomach where all the invisible butterflies live. Then God said, 'You don't even know what butterflies are. That's my point.'"

300 short stories:: story 103

story: Train to Harbin  author: Asako Serizawa year: 2016 where: Abu Dhabi, my gold chaise lounge note: This is a story both epic and intimately personal about a Japanese doctor stationed in Pingfang (now Northern China, then the Japanese puppet-state Manchukuo) during WWII, where terrible war crimes, including human experimentation, were committed. a line: “Perhaps it is simply the mind, which, in its inability to accept a fact, returns to it, sharpening the details, resolving …

100 short stories:: story 91

story: Dance in America author: Lorrie Moore year: 1994 where: bedroom, taxi, a couple places note: homesick a line: “'We have raccoons sometimes in our chimney,' explains Simone.”