100 short stories:: story 96

story: Spring in Fialta 

author: Vladimir Nabokov

year: 1936 (English 1947)

where: Dubai,  Al Habtoor Polo Resort

note: sometimes on an ordinary day, you need to read a masterpiece

a line: “And regardless of what happened to me or to her, in between, we never discussed anything, as we never thought of each other during the intervals in our destiny, so that when we met the pace of life altered at once, all its atoms were recombined, and we lived in another, lighter time-medium, which was measured not by the lengthy separations but by those few meetings of which a short, supposedly frivolous life was thus artificially formed. ”


100 days 100 short stories:: story thirty-four

story: “That in Aleppo Once…”

 author: Vladimir Nabokov

year: 1944

where: dining hall, seat by the window

note: Othello’s last words include a dog too

a line: “If she has remained a phantom to me, I may have been one to her; I suppose she had been solely attracted by the obscurity of my poetry; then tore a hole through its veil and saw a stranger’s unlovable face.”