300 short stories:: story 103

story: Train to Harbin  author: Asako Serizawa year: 2016 where: Abu Dhabi, my gold chaise lounge note: This is a story both epic and intimately personal about a Japanese doctor stationed in Pingfang (now Northern China, then the Japanese puppet-state Manchukuo) during WWII, where terrible war crimes, including human experimentation, were committed. a line: “Perhaps it is simply the mind, which, in its inability to accept a fact, returns to it, sharpening the details, resolving …

100 short stories:: story 85

story: The Visitor   author: Asako Serizawa year: 2011 where: la Brioche, Reem Island note: dead today--but not quite! tooth implant a line: “'I just didn't know what else to do. Us soldiers, we're pretty unpopular these days. It's hard to know what it was all for,' he said.”