300 short stories:: story 209

story: “Vampires in the Lemon Grove” author: Karen Russell year: 2012 where: Eat Greek, mid-afternoon note: the collection's title story a line: “There is a loneliness that must be particular to monsters, I think, the feeling that each is the only child of a species. And now that loneliness was over.” theme(s): marriage and longevity

300 short stories:: story 119

story: Orange Worldauthor: Karen Russell year:  2018where: Q train note: I admit, I was confused by this a few times, even frustrated, but read it quickly without pause, enjoying the confusion, or at least, not letting the confusion bleed into annoyance. Rosemary's Baby comes to mind. It ends strong.   :a line: “Joy threatens to take the roof off the house.”